I meet clients online if that is the clients preference or if Covid makes meeting in person a danger to our health. If it is the clients preference to meet me face to face, and it is deemed safe to do so, then the other option is to meet in one of two places, outlined below. Every effort will be made to make the rooms as safe as possible to meet in, and further details of this will be made available should you wish to meet in this way. Both of these places are easily accessible by public and private transport.

1. On Monday late afternoon and evenings, I work from 13 Charles Street, Iffley Road, OX4 3AU. There is free parking outside the counselling room.

2. On Thursday, during the day and in the evening, I work at 9 Park End Street, OX1 1HH. This is 5 minutes’ walk from Oxford Station and there is free parking nearby.